Turns Out Taylor Swift’s Cat Isn’t Actually a Cat After All


We have all seen Taylor Swifts cat Olivia Benson before.  But there is a new video that just surfaced that has people talking.  It seems that her beloved pet has been acting kind of different strange lately as you will see in this video.  As the cat is being filmed the feline stands up on its hind legs and looks around just like those meerkats we all have seen on TV before.  This strange behavior had some people thinking that Olivia Benson is not a cat but rather a meerkat.  But we all know that is simply not the case but this cat’s actions will really have you thinking.  It’s almost like Olivia has seen the meerkat’s show before and she is trying to act just like them.  This is really funny to watch and it will have you cracking up the minute you see her.

This feline doesn’t just act this way once but several different times during the video.  Olivia Benson is seen standing on her hind legs looking in the mirror which is really adorable.  Tons of people have seen video and many of them seem to love this part of the clip.  Olivia Benson seems to have become really popular over the last few months and this new video will make her even more well-known. Taylor even takes this cat along with her when she does shows and surely Olivia Benson is living a pampered life.  While her owner is on the stage the feline gets to relax backstage where she gets whatever she wants. Any cat or person for that matter would be very lucky to trade shoes with this special kitty.

Olivia Benson is a big part of Taylor Swift’s life and the performer loves to show her pet off whenever she gets the chance.  There is no wonder why the star decided to put this clip on the internet and surely there will be tons more videos to come.  Before you go make sure to check out this super cute kitty video located below.  No matter if you are a Taylor Swift fan or not you will surely enjoy this clip.


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