Tuxie the Rescue Cat May Have Lost His Ears, But Gained a Loving Home


Tuxie the cat has overcome a lot of adversity in his life, and has had to deal with quite a bit of neglect in his previous homes. The black and white feline’s previous owners dumped him on the steps of a shelter because the family had a baby. That is not surprising, as they neglected to treat a bad case of ear mites, which caused him to develop hematomas on the crinkly parts of his ears, his ear pinnas. Poor Tuxie!

Luckily, a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” took him in. After trying holistic remedies on Tuxie’s ears, his new owner realized they needed to take a more drastic measure: surgery. The tuxedo-colored cat lost one ear due to the first surgery and after his second then ended up also having to remove his ear and ear canals because he could have gotten cancer. While he was recovering after the first surgery, Tuxie was placed with another foster family. She stopped posting updates online about the cat for a time, causing the “crazy cat lady” to freak out and prompted her to get the feline back right away.

After almost a year of foster care and much paperwork later, the feline was officially adopted and placed in his forever home in 2011 with the lady who cared about him most, located in Sugarland, TX. He had his second surgery while with them and while he doesn’t have his ears anymore, he is still as dashing as ever! He can hear, love, purr and chase his family just like another other cat. Tuxie is in an environment full of love with his new family that consists of six humans, five cats and one dog. His owner has created a Facebook page dedicated to Tuxie, welcoming new friends and sharing his story.

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