Tweeting Cat is the Pride of a Birmingham Pub called Bennetts Hill

Pub cat

A lovely feline in Birmingham, UK is the center of attention in one of the clubs located on Bennett Hills.  Welly the cat lives at The Wellington, one of the famous pubs in the area.  Every day you will see this moggy sitting around the bar area but she doesn’t drink any alcoholic beverages.  Welly was reported to have preferred a saucer of milk over a pint of lager.

In case you missed Welly while you are at the pub don’t worry because you can catch her online via Twitter.  Yes, you read it right!  This feline has its own Twitter account.  In fact, she’s got 635 followers and has tweeted 11,100 times already.  She obviously likes to tweet aside from roaming around at The Wellington.

On her Twitter account, a description about her says: “I’m a serious pussy, living and working my tail off in #Birmingham @WellyRealAle.  Hobbies include eating, sleeping and having my ears tickled by customers”.  Welly also retweets her followers tweets.  This cat also likes Dreamies, which is a cat treat available in the UK.

Jessica Barlow, the assistant manager of the pub stated that “they got Welly since she was just a little kitten and was bought to be a pub cat.  The owners clearly purchased this beautiful and sweet feline to stay at the pub and entertain customers.   “She remembers which customers bring her treats and where they sit!” added Ms. Barlow.  I reckon Welly will follow around those very giving customers.  Though she lets customers play and mess around with her, she also let them know when she had enough.

The feline also doesn’t wander away from her home, which is the pub.  Welly lives in the staff room with all her food stored in the cupboard.  She’s also said to occasionally go out on the terrace to catch some sun.

It is very clear that Welly the cat is the pride of the club, as her owners say it, and I agree with them.  I bet the feline’s presence in the pub makes the environment somehow calm.  As we all know, cats can help people to relax and destress.  I also think that it’s very cool for the owners to have a Twitter account dedicated to the cat.

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