Two abandoned kittens covered in yellow paint found at side of road

Painted kitten 1

A good Samaritan rescued two kittens that were covered in yellow paint and left at the side of the road.  The 27-year-old Yue You Meng stated that she heard the kittens meowing for help while she was taking a walk near her home in Guangzhou, a city in the province of Guangdong, China.

“I realised the sound was coming from a cardboard box and when I opened it up I saw the two kittens inside covered in sticky yellow paint.  It had almost dried and their legs were stuck together, they were stuck together, and even their eyes had been closed by the paint.  They were really in a pitiful state so I picked the box up and took them home where I tried to clean off some of the paint,” Meng said.

But cleaning the paint off from the poor kittens wasn’t an easy task to do.  So Meng decided to take the young felines to an animal shelter nearby and the vet work very hard for few hours to remove the dry paint.  According to Meng, both kittens are doing better now and they can walk around. She also said that both animals don’t seem to have suffered any permanent damage to their ears and eyes but they still look poorly because most of their fur had been cut off to remove the paint off from them.

Meng said, “But they are very resilient, and despite the bad start in life, already starting to play around with each other like ordinary kittens.”

Painted kitten 2

Unfortunately, China doesn’t have any law against animal cruelty, which means that the authorities are not going to do any investigation about the incident.  Until now it is unknown if someone deliberately covered the kittens with paint and then abandoned them.

This story is very heartbreaking.  I can’t believe how cruel some people are.  The kittens were very lucky that a kindhearted person came to their rescue.  Thanks to Ms. Meng and for the shelter vet for their efforts in saving the cats.  I wish both kittens a speedy recovery.

In my opinion, an international law against animal cruelty should be implemented.  What do you think?

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