These Two Baby Kittens Almost Didn’t Survive Birth


Two kittens are very lucky to be alive today.  Quenby and Qorn are a pair of brothers that almost didn’t make it out of birth.  The cute kittens were brought into a shelter with the placenta still attached to them and they were clinging to life. Two of their siblings who were also brought in, didn’t make it.  The staff of the shelter carefully worked to cut the kittens free from the placenta.  This is normally the job of the mother cat, but she was not able to do so.  While giving birth to the kittens something scared the mother cat and she was unable to help her own offspring.  This left the kitten in a dangerous situation and if someone didn’t help, they would surely not make it.  But thankfully someone found the kittens before it was too late and they took them to a place where they could get help.

After they were freed from placenta and cleaned off, the kittens were doing much better.  The two felines were then taken to kitten nursery facility inside of the shelter, so that they could be closely watched.  Best Friends Animal Society has taken the pair in and are feeding them vital milk, to help them grow up strong and healthy.  While the mother’s milk is best, a supplement milk has helped these cats flourish.  Now the kittens are eating solid food and are doing really well.  These kittens are now old enough to be adopted and they are currently looking for a forever home.

If it had not been for the quick thinking of the person who found these kittens and the team members at the shelter, these two kittens would have surely died.  But thanks to them, these beautiful animals now have a long life ahead of them.  These felines will make wonderful pets and two lucky people will get to enjoy their companionship for many years to come.  This story had a very happy ending and hopefully soon these kittens will find a place to call home.  But until then, they are resting nicely at Best Friends Animal Society.

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