Two Cats Performing an Amazing Duet on the Piano


Cats are highly intelligent creatures, so it’s no secret that felines are very talented and possess many gifts. Some cats have the gift and talent of being extremely quick and think extremely fast on their feet, while some have the gift of intuition so great that people think they are practically psychic. Then there are those others who have the gift of being musically inclined. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as many felines are pretty musically talented – just listen to them sing! Not only do they know how to carry a tune, they can also play other instruments. In a viral cat video, two cats take a cue from Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and utilize a kid instrument to make some glorious music together.

In the video below, Kieran, a domestic short hair abyssinian-tabby mix (located on the right), and Romeo, a Bengal cat (located on the left), are seen giving a toy piano a spin, dueting on the piano together. The two press on random keys on the toy piano and surprisingly, their combinations and playing don’t sound all that bad – it actually sounds quite good. The two kitties have at it, pressing random keys with their little paws, unknowingly making sweet music with one another. If you listen really closely, you may or may not realized that what they are playing sounded a little like the ever-classic piano piece, “Chopsticks.”

It’s not all fun and games though; it turns out that earlier this year in February, both cats, who were born just two weeks apart in April 2005, were diagnosed with stage 3 degenerate kidney disease. Kieran has been living idiopathic cystitis for most of his little feline life, while Romeo has been battling the ever-fun irritable bowel disorder.  You would never have guessed that’s how they are doing this whole time, as they seem to always be happy.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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