“Two Face” Chimera Cat Venus is Sweeping the Internet


Two Face isn’t just a character in the Batman comic books –  he actually exists in the form of a female cat! An adorable former stray kitten who hails from a North Carolina farm seems to have two faces, thanks to her distinct fur markings. The kitten, a Chimera cat named Venus, has two different looks on each side of her face.

On the left side of the feline’s face, it is black with a green eye, while the right side has markings of an orange tabby cat as well as a blue eye. The both sides come meet smack dab in the middle of Venus’ face with distinct markings, making the feline look like she has a dual face.

Venus wasn’t always the center of attention, and in fact, the kitten had some pretty humble beginnings. The feline was found as a stray on  North Carolina dairy farm in 2009 – where she was the runt of the litter – and was taken interest in by her current human mother because of photos her friend was posting of Venus. Two days later, the woman was able to make the feline a part of her family. Venus was only 2.5 pounds when her mother picked her up, and in three years, she ended up gaining 3 pounds, making her a whopping 5.5 pounds! She’s a tiny little thing, she is.

Despite her humble past, Venus is now a well-known and popular cat! The two-faced cat now has over 200,000 likes on her Facebook page and over 2,700 YouTube subscribers. Suffice to say, people just can’t seem to get enough of Venus, the two faced Chimera cat!

Photo Source: Venus’s Page – Amazing Chimera cat Facebook 

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