UK Firefighters Get Applause for Saving a Cat on a Rooftop


For those of you who know wear Weardale Close is in the UK then you’ll like this story.  Even if you don’t you’ll still like it.  Turns out that Firefighters spent over an hour in the grueling heat trying to get a cat down from a rooftop.   Even RSPCA and Cat’s League officials were there with rescue equipment.   However in the end it was the firefighters who were able to persuade the feline to come down.

In order to get on the roof four firefighters had to maneuver a ladder from a neighbor’s garden in order to get up onto the roof.   Since the firemen didn’t know much about cats they couldn’t identify the breed and decided to name the cat “Tiddles.”

Crew manager Scott said: “First of all they tried talking to it and then they used a a piece of equipment from the Cats’ Protection League to try to get hold of it. “It wasn’t having that, so then we used another piece of equipment like a kind of net which closed up over it. “It took quite a long time.”

The whole job took just over an hour and by the time it was done a whole crowd gathered to watch and give applause. Way to go guys! Story via

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