Video of Kittens Doing Things for the First Time


In the video below, you will find some really amazing first moments caught on film.  But these aren’t babies learning new things, but rather kittens.  In this super cute video, you will see several cats that are just getting the hang of life.

The first little kitten to grace the video is a black and white fur ball, that doesn’t seem to know what to do with the mirror he is looking into.  This very funny moment is one that many of our pets face.  While it’s not clear what is going through the mind of this kitten, it is apparent that he is confused.  I know that when my cat saw a mirror for the first time, she really didn’t know what to think.  I wish I would have been able to capture it on film.

The second kitten in the video has a first encounter of the duck kind.  As you will see, the cat doesn’t seem to understand just want kind of creature it has found.  This is very cute to watch and you will see the kitten very carefully checking out the baby duck. These moments are always fun to watch and it’s amazing to see the two different animals interact with one another, for the very first time.

The third kitty that is in the video is a very scared little guy.  You see he is getting his first bath and doesn’t seem to like it one bit.  I bet after this first encounter the little cat will run at the sound of water.  This is another cute moment and you too will be amazed.

There are a lot of first time moments caught in this video.  While I won’t spoil the rest of the video for you, I will tell you that you will be amazed at what’s next to come.  If you love cats, you will really love this video. If you own a cat, you have probably seen your pet doing some of these things before.

So if you want to have a smile on your face, you should really check out this adorable kitten video.

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