The 20 Most Viewed Cat Videos in Youtube History

Nearly everyone loves having the chance to watch some good cat videos on YouTube. Whether you are passing time by on a rainy day where there’s simply nothing else to do or you’re taking a few minutes for yourself during a break at work, cat videos can make you laugh harder than just about anything else out there. These animals never cease to amaze people, and they are definitely some of the best comedians that have ever existed on this planet. More often than not, they’re not really trying to be funny, they’re just merely being themselves. Of course, there are usually at least a few occasions where the laughs come from cats being downright mean and then having something backfire on them. If you have ever had a cat in your life, you know that they can be both comical and difficult, often at the same time. Whether you have owned several cats or you have never gotten within more than a few feet of one, you will undoubtedly find all of these videos funny. In most cases, you will probably end up laughing until you hurt from head to toe, with tears stream down your face.

Maybe you don’t believe that the secret to happiness could be as simple as watching a handful of cat videos. If that’s the case, there’s a better-than-average chance that you haven’t really ever taken the time to do it. It should be a scientific fact that it is virtually impossible to be sad, angry, or anxious while you are watching these cat videos. The emotions just don’t go together. It’s hard to feel all those negative emotions when you’re laughing so hard you’re turning blue. Even if you are in an exceptionally bad mood, you’re likely to be laughing so hard that you’ll completely forget what put you in that mood to begin with after you watch just a few videos. So there you have it, start each day by watching a few cat videos on YouTube. Let the number of videos you decide to watch directly correspond to the mood you’re in for that day. The grumpier you are, the more videos you need to watch. That way, you can let all of your cares float away and laugh yourself straight into happiness.

If you’re not really the type of person that has a tendency to watch cat videos on YouTube, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. These videos have a remarkable power, the power to turn even the most sour of moods into something better. If you’re mad at your boss, watch a cat video. If your family is driving you crazy, watch a few cat videos. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and you can’t seem to get out of your bad mood, watch cat videos and let them take you to a place of pure bliss. If you’re already a happy, good-natured person, imagine how happy and good-natured you could potentially be if you watch some cat videos.

Below are 20 of the most popular cat videos on YouTube, complete with rankings. The ones with the highest number of views appear first, and the rest of them appear in descending order. Don’t worry, though. All of them are funny, whether you start at the top of the list or you start with one at the very bottom.

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