Watch This Baby Chick and His Cat Friend As They Bond

cat and chick

When you think of chickens and cats being the best of friends, it makes total sense. Right? No? You don’t think much of chickens and cats being best friends? Not so much? Okay, so I’m alone in this one and that is all right with me. When I think of chickens and cats, I’m reminded how much my late cat really did love chickens. Oh, wait. Not in the same context as the cat in this video. My cat loved it when we cooked chicken and he could smell it, and he loved to try and see if he could sneak up to us while we ate and grab some off our plates. He was kind of obnoxious like that. Actually, he was very obnoxious like that and typically had to spend the evenings on the lanai while we cooked and ate because he would not stay off the counter.

However, the cat in this video really does love chicken, but not to eat. This cat has a chicken for a best friend. This cat seems to really love his baby chick, even as the chick grows up. What no one bothered to mention to this cat, though, is that baby chicks tend to grow up quite quickly. In fact, they grow up very fast. Maybe no one expected this from the baby chick, but it happened. Now the cat and the chicken are even more fun, and we think that this is a video worth tuning into to see what happens next.

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