Wait a Minute, There’s Actually a Cat Band in Real Life?


Cats can sure be chatty little creatures, and some of them even like to sing! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like or sound like if cats had a rock band, wonder no more: it’s real – just ask Samantha Martin! Martin, a former zookeeper, is actually the mastermind behind the real-life cat band, recruiting a rock band appropriately named The Rock Cats. And no, this is not a joke: the is serious business!

The Rock Cats are an all-cat rock band fronted by Tuna on the cowbell with Dakota, Sookie, Nue, Pinky, and Fiji backing her up. (Technically speaking, there is one rooster on the roster, a chicken named Cluck Norris, who plays percussion for the feline-fronted band. Also, sometimes  their rodent friends will come to jam out with them.) It should be noted that the cat band performs feline-friendly cover songs, naturally.

As if that wasn’t enough amazing news, the cat rock band is actually a part of a bigger scale “cat circus” Martin put together and is performing out on the road. The ex-zookeeper, along with 13 lucky rescue cats – and one kitten – form The Amazing Acro Cats.

“The cats roll barrels, push shopping carts, jump through hoops, do long jumps, high jumps, ring bells and even play in an all-cat band called The Rock Cats,” Martin explained.

This endeavor is nothing short of every cat lover’s dream and it’s not necessarily just for Martin’s benefit. Since touring starting in 2009, the circus has drawn much attention to rescuing cats – in fact, every show allows audience members to foster and adopt the very talented felines. The ones that don’t get adopted, Martin usually ends up keeping.

“I can’t adopt every cat out there, but I have enough space in my life, my heart, and my bus to take a few here and there,” she told the local news.

Cat lovers can follow the Rock Cats via their website – they may very well come to a city near you!

Photo Source: CircusCats.com

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