Watch Babies and Cats Together Showing Their Love

babies and cats

Cats and babies might be the two cutest little things on earth, and no one can really deny how sweet they are together. I mean, just look at them. Cats and babies are kind of everything. What we love most about them, too, is that so many people think that cats and babies have no business being together. They worry that cats might give their babies some sort of disease. They worry that their cats might harm their babies. They do all types of things that don’t make any sense as far as not allowing their babies and their cats to spend any time together, and we just don’t always get it. I mean, cats are amazing with babies. We have four babies and our cat was amazing with all of them. He did such a good job of spending time with them and keeping them protected in his own mind.

That’s what we love so much about this video. This is a video of cats that are so close to their babies we don’t think you could do anything to separate them. We don’t think that there is a thing you can do to make these cats want to leave the sides of their babies no matter what you do. We think that it’s time for you to stop worry about cats and babies together and start embracing this. Just take a look at this video of cats with babies they love unconditionally, and tell us that you don’t agree that they are the sweetest when together.   

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