Watch A Bird Irritate A Cat in the Best Way

cat and a bird

Birds and cats cannot be friends, can they? Growing up, I did not believe that they could be anything but mortal enemies. After all, we had that amazing thing called Saturday morning cartoons (in place of all the time cartoons that make our house one big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the time) and we watched all of them. We actually got up early so we could go sit down in the family room, my brother and I, and watch cartoons. It was the only time we were allowed to, and we let our parents sleep as long as possible so that they would not wake up and come in there to chance the channel. Boy, our parents were far smarter than we, were they not?

One of the things we watched every Saturday morning during childhood was a cat that worked his tail off (pun intended) to catch a bird. They fought, they sometimes won and sometimes lost, and they were never friends. They did not work together. If the bird irritated the cat, it was because the bird clearly wanted to become the cat’s midnight snack. The cat did not stand for that by ignoring the cat or glaring at him. This cat, though, does not mind the fact that he is being irritated by this bird. He ignores it like the bird is not even there, and the bird just keeps going. Clearly, this cat did not watch Saturday morning cartoons or he’d know that now is the perfect time to swallow the bird in one whole swallow – without chewing – so that the bird can light a match in the cat’s stomach and all kinds of demented fun will ensue. Check it out.   

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