Watch What this Cat Does After He Discovers his New Toy

Cat and drone

Cats are funny animals and the one in the video is no acceptation.  While some cats are more curious than others, the one in this video doesn’t seem to enjoy his new toy.  You see the sitting on the carpet, at first things the strange machine sitting on the floor, is his new toy.  But when he finds out what it actually is, he seems terrified and as you will see, he runs away with lighting speed. As you will see what the cats is so afraid of, is a small drone that is sitting on the floor.  But when the pet’s owner fires it up, the cat seems to think it’s going to attack him.  As the man fly’s the drone closer to the feline, the animal try’s to run but only goes a short distance, before stopping and looking at the drone again.

At first the cat only moves a few feet away from the drone.  But when it comes closer the second time, the poor kitty runs and hides behind the sofa and doesn’t seem to be interested in the drone anymore. It is not clear if the cat ever comes back into the room, while the drone is still there.  But I am sure that this kitty will stay far away from this crazy drone in the future.  While some might say the man is making the cat upset for no reason, I think he is simply trying to play with the cat.

If I did this to my cat, he would surely freak out as well, so I would never try it.  But some cats love to play with drones and there are many videos of them on the internet doing so.  I guess this video isn’t one of them and the man had no idea that it would scare the kitty so much. I am sure that he will never try and fly the drone when his pet is in the room again.  So how do you feel about this video? Do you think the man was wrong for flying the drone near the cat?

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