Watch The Cat Man Of Tokyo Pushing His 9 Cats In A Stroller Every Day

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During a recent walk, an American man was filming the streets of Tokyo, for his YouTube followers.  What he witnessed  during his walk will really put a smile on your face.  If you are a feline lover, then this video is a must see.  During the walk, a man walks by with a stroller full of fluffy cats.  These beautiful animals, who were very well mannered seemed to love being out in the open air.  For their protection, each kitty had its own collar and leash.  The man was also very interesting and he seemed to be very happy to be with his cats.  As you will find out, the man carefully grooms each cat everyday.  Then he takes them for a walk, so that they can get some sunshine.

The man really loves his nine cats and they seem to love him as well.  While the owner of these cats doesn’t talk in the video, his love is shown by the way he takes care of his animals.  It must take a really long time to groom all nine of these felines.  With there long hair, the owner must spend hours each day brushing them.  Not many people would have the time to dedicate themselves to this long grooming process, but this man makes time.  It’s amazing to see so many beautiful cats in one place.  Anyone would be lucky to just have one of these animals to call their own.

The video is short and you don’t learn a lot of background information on the man or the cats.  But at least you get to enjoy looking at them riding in their stroller.  It’s fun to watch them going down the street and people probably are always stopping the man for photos.  This is an incredible site to see and just makes your heart melt.  If you want to watch this amazing man and his lovely nine felines, then you should watch the video located below.  Make sure to share it with your feline loving friends as well, so they too can enjoy it!

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