Watch Cat Owners Turn IKEA Beds Into The Cutest Cat Beds Ever!


You may have heard of a popular doll bed produced by IKEA .  It’s called the Duktig and only runs about $20.   However, some crafty Japanese cat owners have decided to re-purpose this popular doll bed into the cutest cat beds you’ve ever seen.

Even though the Duktig is officially a toy bed for children’s dolls  it also looks like IKEA’s first foray into the pet furniture market.  What’s unique about this bed is that there’s a slot at the end of each bed making it perfect for those cats who like to stretch out.  Whether or not this bed was intended for cats as a secondary use is unknown.  What we do know is that these cats are mighty comfortable right now!

And it’s not just cats either.  Some beds have been used for rabbits, other animals, and even some bed have been turned into bunk beds!


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