Watch This Kitten Help His Owner Play the Violin


When you adopt a kitten, it’s hard to figure that you’ll be getting the perfect match.  But when Tom Gunterman adopted Stella Blue, that’s exactly what he received.  Little did Tom know that his little kitty could actually play some tunes on the violin as well as he could!  Get ready to see an incredibly cute video of Stella Blue sitting on Tom’s shoulder as he plays the violin.  Stella swats at the strings to create her own song.

Stella seems to have something very specific in mind and is trying to help Tom reach the perfect melody. This cute little kitten got lucky to have such a loving and patient owner, because we know all too well how much cats like to be involved in all of our business! Thankfully this duo appears to be here to stay!  And if you’re interested, Tom even has his own Youtube channel where you can see he and Stella making even more music!

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