Watch What a Stray Cat Does While This Documentary is Being Filmed

kitten on head

While filming a documentary in Japan, something happened to a film maker that he didn’t expect.  Mitsuaki Iwago, was on the island of Okinawa when something very strange but sweet happened.  As he was filming a few stray cats started to pay interest in the photographer.  But one feline in particular really seemed to have affection for the man.  As you will seen in the short video clip, a orange kitten walks up to the man and sits in his lap.  The photographer was sitting on the ground trying to get a shot.  The man didn’t seem to mind the kitten being in his lap and continued filming.

The man really likes the cat and starts to talk to him.  Then the feline answers back with a cute tiny meow.  This is really fun to watch and it will put a smile on your face.  The cat seems to really love laying in the mans lap and starts to take a nap.  But after a while the kitten decides to help the man with his camera.  The cute kitty climbs up the mans arm and onto his back, as if he is going to use the camera himself. This is really funny and will have you laughing out loud. Many of you that see this video will probably wish that you too can play with this amazing kitten.

Then the kitten does something unexpected and climbs to the top of the mans head.  Luckily he is wearing a hat and the kittens claws don’t scratch him.  Maybe this feline wants a better view of what is going on.  Whatever the reason, the man doesn’t seem to mind at all and allows the cat to remain on his head.  The video ends with the kitten sitting on top of the man’s head.  While these are stray animals, you can tell that they simply love being around people.  This kitten is really loving and hopefully someday this cat can find a forever home.  But until then at least he got to spend sometime with a human companion.

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