Watch These Adorable Little Cats Waking Up

Waking Up

Kitty Cate was a cat with a lot of life problems. She once found herself pregnant and ready to give birth to a litter of adorable kittens, but she had no home. Homeless and pregnant, she was rescued just in the nick of time by a rescue in Vancouver that wanted to save her life and give her tiny kittens a fighting chance of their own. She worked very hard to keep those kittens in until she was in a safe place, and she gave birth. The family got to spend a few months living happily together until the rescue knew that the time had come to begin adopting out the small kittens.

Thankfully, the rescue decided to adopt them in pairs. If you wanted one kitten, you had to take two of them so that the little kittens could be close to a loved one. It worked out very well for this family of cats as people lined up to take them home and provide them with a loving home of their own. Kitty Cate knew it was time for her kittens to have to go to homes of their own, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them and doesn’t love to see them together. Just check out this video of these sweet cats as they are all waking up from a nap and having a good time. It’s a happy ending, and while this sweet video has no real point other than to lift us up that they were all safe and adopted, it’s still cute.

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