Watch These Cats Carry On the Best Conversation

cats talking

Absolutely every single thing about this video reminds me of parents watching their kids play. It’s the type of scene you see at the park or on the deck when the kids are in the yard and parents are sitting together watching them play, not making eye contact with one another while they make sure their kids are safe. Yet they are able to carry on the most amazing conversation in the midst of everything. It is simply the most fun we’ve seen in a long time, and we are just amazed that it seems to be all types of animals that do this. We love these cats. They’re having a deep conversation. We like to think it’s about life. They’re sitting by the window just gossiping abou the neighbors and acting as if they are the ones to know.

This is like a Real Housewives moment when they’re all sitting there watching the neighbor’s wife walk around her yard in six inch heels and a full face of makeup at 6 am. They’re talking about her life problems, why she does that and what she’s up to. It’s got all the makings of a primetime television show right here. We love this video and this conversation, and we are more than a little certain you, too, will adore everything that you see right here. Go ahead and take a look and tell us that you are not one hundred percent amused by all the possibilities of this conversation and what they might be.

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