Watch This Cat and Dog Fight Like….Cats and Dogs

cat and dog

We’ve been discussing a lot of animals lately that are best friends with other animals of a different species. Cats, dogs, goats, horses, fish, dolphins, birds; whatever it is, it seems that animals get along a lot better than we always thought they did, and it’s something we just love to see. But sometimes we want to see the real honest cats and dogs that fight like cats and dogs. Except that we don’t know what cats and dogs actually fight like, so we are going to say that we’d like to see a cat and a dog that fight like siblings. As the older sister of my younger brother, I remember quite well growing up that we sometimes got along famously and sometimes could have maimed one another. In fact, I’m shocked we didn’t more than once.

This man has both a cat and a dog and, thankfully, a video camera. He is not afraid to show off what happens when he is able to film the things that really do make the world a better place; his animals as they fight like cats and dogs. He’s just trying to relax and enjoy the morning like any normal person would with his cat behind his head and his dog at his side. Until the two of them start fighting with one another like he’s not even there. Fortunately for us, he captured the entire thing on camera and we now have some serious entertainment to look forward to. Enjoy.  

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