Watch this Cat and Mailman Battle Their Wills

cat and postman

Not all postal service workers appreciate all animals. You always hear stories about dogs that chase mailmen and make them miserable, even though they’re mostly in good fun since most postmen don’t walk their routes these days. However, it’s always fun to see an old cartoon with something like that happening, and we do appreciate that. However, we also know that sometimes there are real animals bothering real postmen and that might not be their favorite way to go about the day. If your animal tortures the postman, it’s probably not his favorite house to visit each day. Of course, there are some houses with animals that just adore this person.

Take a look at this video. This is the video of a man and a cat that seem to have a very good relationship with one another. They seem to think that they can play together and have fun every single day. They have the best working relationship, and we even suspect that this cat and this postman might be pretty good friends thanks to the fact that they see each other every single day. It’s pretty funny stuff watching them, and we highly suggest that you take a few moments out of your busy schedule today to take a look at this animal and this human as they interact. It’s good stuff, and we really think that you might enjoy this one more than you might imagine. It’s good stuff for the mailman as well as for the cat.

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