Watch This Cat Find a Pacifier and Never Give it Up

kitten and pacifier

No one is judging this cat, I assure you. There is nothing wrong with finding something you love and never wanting to give it up. We all have that one thing that we love so much that we would literally keep hold of it no matter how hard someone else tried to take it from us. For me, it’s coffee until 10 am. You try and take my coffee from me before this point and I will likely become a very talented ninja and take you out. If you try to take my wine from me once we get home and our kids are all together for pretty much the first time all day long and we have homework and dinner and all that fun stuff after a long evening of sports, I will also become a ninja. We all have our things.

This kitten loves a pacifier, and we don’t see why he would not. I mean, babies love them, too. Apparently they must be these amazing things that provide some sort of unmet comfort in the face of the big, cruel, scary world. If they kitten wants to suck on a pacifier to keep the day interesting, I say his family lets him. It’s far better, after all, than a 7-year-old sucking on one. It’s time we learn to pick our battles and really understand what it is that makes life so interesting. This cat finds his pacifier to be the most interesting thing that ever happened. We like it, so check it out.

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