Watch This Cat Hang Ten With His Owners


Boomer is a cat. This is a cat that does like water. Most cats do not like water, and that’s why Boomer is a little bit special. All right, let’s just point out that all cats are special. Everyone who owns a cat will tell you in no uncertain terms that their cat is very special and that they love their animals endlessly, but this is actually a very special cat. This sweet little cat is one that loves to surf and really loves to spend time with his owner. Perhaps that is why he’s taken up surfing to begin with. Boomer’s owner actually said that he’s been taking the cat with him when he paddle boards and surfs since the cat was just a kitten. If he hadn’t, perhaps he would be like most other cats and not care at all for the act of being anywhere near water.

Boomer is a cat that just enjoys it, and it’s part of his nature. It’s like having a child and teaching that child to read books or play sports at a young age. When you grow up doing something that you love, you just get good at it and you grow to love it. What we love most about this video, though, is that it shows us that Boomer’s owner is one who wasn’t afraid to break tradition. So his cat is not a dog that typically does everything with his owner; this man thinks cats can be just the same, and he is right.

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