Watch This Cat Try and Hilariously Get Something Off His Head

cat with something on his head

Have you ever been in one of those situations in which you know that there is something there? You know you feel something on you, and you cannot even begin to find it but you are creeped out and know that it’s there to drive you insane? I’ve been there. I have been there on more than one occasion, and I have been there with abandon. I know the feeling, and I don’t love that feeling. However, this cat is also feeling that. This cat knows that there is something on its head. He is not a stupid cat. He is sure there is something there, but he cannot get it off. Not only can he not get it off his head, he cannot get it in his line of vision to see what it is.

We cannot tell if he is borderline ready to panic that there is some unknown and creepy thing on his head, or if he is just willing to sit there until his humans make the decision to help him. It doesn’t look as if they are in any hurry to do that, though, so he’s on his own. You have to see this cat handle this situation. It’s funny. He’s not nearly as amused as we are amused to see this happening to him, but he’s got to admit that he’s cute with this frustration and this annoyance he must be feeling. We like this cat, really. We kind of want to bring him home to our own people.

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