We’ve Never Seen a Kitty This Excited about Catnip


It’s no secret that catnip drives many cats absolutely crazy. The minty herb is addictive for many cats and their reaction to it can be downright hilarious. Most cats react to even just the smell of it by flipping, rubbing, and rolling around, then eventually zoning out. Some cats can get hyperactive, running around like mad as if their tails had just caught on fire, while others tend to get aggressive, especially when approached. This can last from a range of 10 minutes to about 2 hours for them to reset and become normal again.

In the video below, City the Kitty is one curious little feline, getting into a kitchen drawer looking for something in particular it seems. City finds something very alluring about the bottom drawer in its owner’s house and takes a few seconds to get the drawer open. Once the feline is finally able to get in, you know exactly what the kitty is there for: catnip. City grabs the sandwich bag full of catnip and drags it out. Some of the catnip ends falling out of the bag, but the furry feline pays no mind. For some reason it just wants to open that darn bag! While most of the catnip is spread all over the floor and the cat is basically just rolling around in the stuff, he is still trying furiously to open the bag with all of his might. Oh, City!

Later on, the cat is seen gazing out the window, fully alert. You can definitely tell that this cat has catnip still on the brain! A couple of scenes later and it seems like the feline is wearing off the catnip and is finally dozing off. Ah, the beauty of catnip!

Photo Source: YouTube

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