What Cat Toys Should You Buy for Your Cat?

cat game with hole board

There are a few thousand options that you can choose from when picking out cat toys.  We will narrow it down to the actions of your cat that will show you the cat toys that your cat might be interested in having.  If you have a cat that loves to chase things around the house, you will need a lot of small fuzzy cat toys.  These usually resemble a small mouse or they are just plain round balls.  Your cat will bat them back and fourth for hours on end to keep themselves occupied.  This will keep them busy and away from the side of your leather couch!  Along with these cat toys that they would continuously hit back and forth, you can also buy a “challenge” for them.  A wooden box with holes in it brings more challenge and fun into the whole “bat the ball around the house” game.  With this box, they can stick their paws in the holes and try to get their cat toys out.  They will be occupied for a while and also having fun trying to retrieve their cat toy.

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