What to Do If Your Cat Has Temporary Bouts of Anxiety and Stress

As a cat-owner you want to be able to do all you can to make your pet comfortable, happy, and healthy. While your cat can’t tell you with words when something is amiss, their behavior can certainly provide you with hints. One issue that cats can suffer from is temporary bouts of anxiety and stress, usually associated to certain situations.

There are a number of ways your cat will show you that they are feeling stressed and anxious which can include urinating outside of their litter box, excessive amounts of scratching, a loss in appetite, excessive vocalization, diarrhea, aggressive behavior, isolating themselves, or sleeping a lot more than normal. So, what can you do to help remedy the situation and make your cat feel better? Here are some tips you can use.

Administer Cannabis Oil for Cats

When it comes to the latest trend in the pet care industry, cannabis oil is certainly generating a lot of buzz. Cannabis oil is the liquid that is taken out of the cannabis plants, so it is a concentrate. It contains high-CBD and high-THC. When given in the correct dosage, it can prove to be very helpful for cats who are suffering from anxiety and stress. CBD oil for cats works by relieving mental stress, and thereby calming them down.

Get Their Mind Off Things Through Play

Just like with people, it can make a world of difference to get their mind off whatever is stressing them out. This can be done through distraction activities such as playing with your cat. When they are playing, their “happy” hormones are released into their body, which helps them to relax.

Give Them Cuddles If It Helps

Cats are funny creatures in that many of them love cuddles and attention, whereas others prefer to do their own thing. If you have the type of cat that loves snuggles, then a little quality time together can make all the difference in the world. Make sure you are spending enough one-on-one time with them each day snuggling with them, petting them, and talking to them. An owner’s touch is often enough to reassure and relax a nervous cat.

Invest in a Cat Tree

While it may not seem like a cat tree can help, in reality cats love having a place all of their own where they feel safe and comfortable. These trees often have scratching posts built in, which is a great stress reducer, and if their tree has a little cubby hole, then they can even hide inside if they are feeling unsure.

Don’t Force Other Pets on Them

If you have one cat and you’ve been thinking about getting another, or a dog, it’s best to first work on your cat’s anxiety issues. Bringing another pet into the mix is bound to make things worse for your cat, leaving them more anxious and stressed.

By following these tips you’ll be able to help your cat to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety they feel.

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