What’s the Deal With Cats and Printers?

cats and printers

Cats and printers are like two peas in a pod. It’s difficult to keep them away from one another. My now deceased (assumed deceased as he ran into the waiting mouths of a flock of coyotes many months ago never to be heard from again) cat was in love with my printer. He is one of two reasons my printer had to move from my home office into the laundry room high on one of the shelves on the wall opposite the washer and dryer.

The other reason is that I don’t actually use my printer all that much – and it’s wireless – so I did not like the cluttered and ‘technical’ look it gave my office. Don’t let looks deceive you; the chic, effortless and gorgeous space that is my home office is carefully decorated to look relaxing, upscale and perfect and I have a small heart attack anytime a child goes near it, brings something into it or it is not perfect. It’s my sanctuary and, frankly, printers are ugly.

So, it moved. Our laundry room is large; very large. In fact, it is the same size as a standard child’s bedroom (12×14). I have no idea what possessed the people who built our house to have a laundry room that size, but whatever; it works for us. The room also has 12-foot ceilings, and two long shelves on one wall that are the length of the room and the bottom is high enough that I need a ladder to get what I need off of it.

Somehow, our cat always managed to get up there to lie on top of my printer. Always. He was always up there. He loved it. We think it was the warmth and vibration, but then we were told that it might be the noises it makes. The noises are similar to those that are found in the wild and cats are, after all, programmed to be wild hunters.

What do you think it is that makes your cat love your printer so much that everything you print is now wrinkled and covered in cat hair after being attacked like the enemy?

Photo by Catster

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