It Will Only Take 5 Seconds for This Kitty to Make You Smile

copy cat

In this super cute cat video, you will see something that will make you smile.  This short video is only 15 seconds long, but it will have your heart melting right away.  In the video you will see two cats.  One is the mother and one is the kitten.  Both of these felines look very similar, expect for there size.  The pint sized kitten is relaxing on the sofa with his mother and is having a really great time.  The mother cat appears to be cleaning herself and what the kitten does next will make you laugh out loud.  During this brief clip, the kitten is learning a lot from his mother.  The the mother cat is cleaning herself the kitten begins to copy her. Everything that the mom does the kitten follows! The kitten looks as if he is playing around, but he is actually learning from this game.

Each time the mom moves her paws, the kitten moves his.  This goes on for the entire video and it is really fun to watch.  The kitten is learning a valuable skill, that he will need in order to stay clean.  Since most cats are clean animals, this skill is vital to the little guy.  Mother cats actually teach there kittens many different things.  Just like the large cats that are in the wild, mothers teach there kittens skills that will help them survive.  This kitten seems to be a fast learner and he will likely learn many things before he is a teenager.  But for now he is learning how to properly groom himself.

This is a sweet video and watching mother and child together is an amazing treat.  Watching the pair is like looking into a mirror, because these feline look so much alike.  When the kitten grows up, you wont be able to tell him apart from his mother.  This video is currently going viral and now has over 400,000 views.  So if you want to add to those numbers, make sure to check it out below.  You too will have a huge smile on your face at the end.

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