The Wisest Locations For Your Cat’s Litter Box

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Much like our preference for a quiet and private place to use the bathroom and handle our business, cats have the same wants when it comes to their litter box location. It’s important that their box is placed in a low-traffic area that is easily accessible to them. Even though it seems like a good idea in theory, avoid placing the box in the laundry-utility room and the basement, especially where there is a lot of noise (i.e. the washer and dryer). Also, do not place their litter box near their food and water bowls – understandably cats don’t want to do their business where they eat.

Here are five of the wisest locations for your cat’s litter box:

1. The bathroom

This location is the ideal location as it is the same thing as your cat’s litter box: the cat’s version of a bathroom! The only problem that is posed here is that a cat may need a cat door or you just always need to leave the door open a crack for them to be able to get in there when it comes time!

2. Guest bedroom

Unless you have people staying over for a long period of time, for the most part this room of the house is generally empty, which means quiet and privacy galore for a kitty to do what it needs to do.

3. A closet

It’s quiet, cool and gives tons of privacy. For your benefit, make sure it isn’t a closet used for storing your clothes since it’s basically your feline’s bathroom. Also, like the bathroom, make sure the door is always slightly open so that when your cat needs to, it can go in there freely.

4. The home office

This is really ideal as long as it isn’t being used 24/7 and if the subject matter and work environment is more calm than collaborative. Too much talking disturbs a cat’s peace when it needs to go about its business.

5. At each level of your house

If you have more than one level of your house, you will definitely want to have more than one litter box and litter box location. Placing it in a similar place on each floor may prove to be helpful for your feline, i.e. having the litter box in the bathroom both upstairs and downstairs.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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