Woman is accused of Bludgeoning her Cats and then Throwing them into a Pool

Glidewell Sandra

It is truly sad when someone neglects or abuses an animal.  These senseless acts of cruelty often go unpunished.  But for one Orlando area woman her horrific abuse has come to light.  Sandra Glidewell who believe it or not is a part-time veterinary assistant was arrested and taken into custody after reports that she was killing her cats.

When authorities arrived at her home, what they found was truly disgusting.  Glidewell had killed several of her cats with a hammer and then threw them in a pool behind the home.  After recovering the two cats they then began questioning the family about the incident.  One of the family members came forward with some very startling information.

The daughter of the woman informed officers that her mother went into a fit of rage after learning that her pet Chihuahua had drown in the pool the previous day.  While it is not known if the cats had any connection, the woman apparently has blamed the cats for killing the dog.  But one thing is for certain, this woman will have to face serious charges for her actions. The remains of the dead dog was also found on the property and was taken as evidence.

Glidewell has been charged with aggravated animal abuse and other animals have been seized by authorities.  It is unclear if the woman has lost her job over the incident but I for one am sure that she will no longer be allowed around any animals.  The case has yet to go to trial and it’s not known if she was released on bail. But she may be facing heavy fines and even prison time for what she has done. No one else in the household was charged over the event.

This sad news is all too common and many people each and every year are arrested for these insane acts. I wonder what comes over people to want to harm innocent animals that are often helpless to defend themselves.  Sadly a lot of these incidents go unnoticed but I am glad that someone reported this act of cruelty.

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