Woman Finds Her Lost Cat after 4 Years in a Shelter


Many people have pets that run away and simply never return.  This can really be an emotional blow and often times it’s like losing a member of the family.  These tragic events happen just about every day around the world.  But for the women in this next story, there is light at the end of a very long tunnel.

It all started 4 years ago when an Ontario woman lost her beloved pet cat.  The cat which had went missing after playing on the back deck of her rural home, was no were to be found.  After searching for many weeks the pet owner sadly had to give up her search.

But in a strange turn of events, the women had not seen the last of her feline friend.  After helping her friend search for a missing dog at a local animal shelter, the woman noticed a familiar face among the animals. She was browsing photos of the shelter animals, when she came across a cat that looked just like her runaway cat named Rosie.

To her surprise, her beloved cat that had been missing for 4 years was being housed in the very same shelter that she was looking for the dog in.  After contacting the shelter the woman went to see if the cat was actually her Rosie.

Upon arriving at the shelter, the woman knew right away that the cat was hers.  You see Rosie has a voice box that doesn’t work and she cannot meow no matter how hard she tries.

Thanks to her search for her friend’s dog, she is now readopting her long lost cat.  In more good news the dog was also located at the shelter and is now safe at home with his owner.

I for one am really glad this story had a happy ending.  It seems that both pet owners were very lucky to have found their animals.  Every year pets go missing and the best place to start looking is at your local animal shelter.  So if you have a missing pet, after looking around the neighborhood, make sure to check the shelter.

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