Woman Pays $10K to take 41 Street Cats Home


Some people might think that the woman in this article is crazy to spend that much money on a bunch of cats. They might not even care that the cats were homeless or that they might be euthanized because nobody cared about them. But, I say “God Bless You, Laura”. If only more of us could be that selfless in this cynical self-involved world of ours. She did receive some help from AL Strays, which is a re-homing and transport group in Spain that is run by Chris and Sandra Marshall. They help with the re-homing of stray or abandoned cats and other animals by transporting them when they are in need. I think that they deserve a round of applause, as well, for their good work.

Yes, Laura Inglis is a true humanitarian who deserves a round of applause for her caring ways. The travel expenses and airfare would have seemed daunting and outrageous to some folks, even if they are self- proclaimed animal lovers. But, Laura is the quintessential lover of animals that we all wish we could afford to be.

The problem is that now apparently she can’t afford it and needs some help. She wants to find them new forever homes far away from the busy thoroughfare near her new home in the UK but needs to get them their shots and de-worming prior to placement. Hopefully, other animal lovers will donate and help her out, especially since she promised her mother that she would find them all happy new homes.

Laura is already spending £600 pounds per month, which equates to $780, on their food. That’s a lot when you consider that some of us can barely afford to spend that much on groceries for our families. But, she manages because she cares so much for these cats. Perhaps she should try Crowdfunding. Plenty of animal lovers, especially those who are just crazy about kitties, might join in and donate to her cause.

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