Woman is Rescued From a Cliff While Trying to Rescue a Cat

Sara Beebe injured rescuing cat from mountain

An Orange County woman is happy to be alive after she was injured an airlifted off the side of a cliff. Sara Beebe was just trying to do the right thing, and it did not go her way. When one of the cats she was fostering at home wandered out of her house and up a cliff in her backyard, she panicked. Not believing that the cat would be able to return home and she would lose it, she quickly ran out of her home and to the cliff to rescue the little cat from what she believed was certain horror.

Pantler, as the cat is called, went up the side of the Silverado Canyon hillside and began wandering off when Beebe scurried after the cat. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and slipped, sliding quite a ways down the cliff and suffering some serious injuries in the process. Stuck on the side of the cliff with an injured ankle and a number of scrapes, cuts and bruises, she called for help. She attempted to call her daughter and continued to do so until someone heard her and was able to help.

The Orange County Fire Department brought in a helicopter and began the rescue process. Afraid of heights, Sara had to have he help of one of the firefighters on duty so that she could get into the helicopter. After being returned home and checked out by medics, Sara says she will not attempt to rescue any of her animals again if they get out of the house. Instead, her plan is just to wait it out and see if they come home as animals tend to do when they are done with their explorations and fun. She learned a pretty difficult lesson here, but she’s a better person for it and her cat is safe and sound at home.

Photo by CBS

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