Woman Rescues Cats in Virginia, Gets Summoned to Court

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It is a cat lover’s dream to help homeless cats in any possible way they can. A cat lover in Virginia named Debbie Manzione is fond of helping stray cats. Last September, she was leaving Chesapeake Mall when she noticed a cat in the parking lot. Manzione, who love cats dearly, got some cat food from her car and followed the feline to a shrubbery near the parking lot and discovered more cats there. Before leaving she left the food out for the cats. Manzione admitted that she had come back many times to feed the stray cats. She also said that she saw a few people feeding the cats and some even do it every week.

Approximately two weeks ago, she caught a few of the felines, brought them the vet, got them neutered and got their shots. All of the expenses are paid by her. Rescuing stray cats is nothing new to her as she had rescued cats before. Manzione is very glad that she is able to help animals in need. But last week, a police officer and animal control officer waited for her at her residence and served her the summon to appear in General District court. Manzione is being charged with illegal harboring of a stray animal for more than 14 days. Authorities also told her to stop feeding the stray cats outside the mall.

Kelly O’Sullivan, Chesapeake Police Department spokeswoman, stated that Manzione was cited after ignoring a few warnings to stop feeding the cats. But Manzione denied having being warned by the authorities. She said that she is not the problem but the infestation of cats outside the mall close to JC Penny store. She also stated that one night while rescuing two cats a police officer that was patrolling the area helped her and her friend catch the animals and the officer didn’t ask for their names. According to reports, Chesapeake’s animal facility has a high kill rate. Last year, out of 1,888 cats that was taken to the city’s animal facility 1,155 were put to sleep, as stated in the state records. This is why a local non-profit cat rescue operator said that it’s the reason why their relationship with the city is not that good.

Image via  (Steve Earley | The Virginian-Pilot)


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