Woman is Reunited with Her Cat after a Huge Fire

fire cat

A woman in Columbia County, GA is very glad to be reunited with her cat after a huge fire.  Marshal Square, a retirement community in Evans, Georgia, caught on fire earlier this month.  Many of the elderly residents lost their belongings and were displaced, and one resident died from the fire.  Some of the residents has pets and were hoping to be reunited with them.  Sheryl Stahman, one the residents, is very lucky to be reunited with her cat.

Last year, Stahman found her beloved feline Shelby in a dumpster, rescued and adopted the stray cat.  But when the fire broke out, Stahman managed to get out with nothing but the clothes she had on.  Although she’s worried about her belongings, she was more worried about her cat.  “Other than my belongings she was the most precious thing in that room,” she said.  When Camillia Walk Assisted Living Executive Director Dawn Panowich learned that Stahman’s cat she texted her husband right away, who is a firefighter, and asked him to check for Stahman’s missing cat in apartment 203.  Three firemen went to check on the said apartment and there they found Shelby hiding under the bed, the place where her pet mom expected her to be found.

Director Pam Tucker of Columbia County Emergency Management said that many residents who have pets are calling their office to check if they have found their four-legged and furry friends too.  “At 311, they take it real personal they answer all the animal service calls for Columbia County. They are animal lovers too so I think it touched their heart for these people who badly wanted to get their babies back,” said director Tucker.

Stahman is very thankful to Panowich and to the firemen who were responsible for her reunion with her precious feline.  “Thank you. Thank you. I cannot give you praise enough,” she said to her cat’s rescuers.  We are very glad that Stahman and Shelby are reunited.  Hopefully, more missing pets will be rescued and get reunited with their pet parents as well.  For those who are still looking for their missing pet from the said fire, you are encouraged to call 311 and give them a description of your pet and the location in the building where they may be found.

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