Woman is Reunited With Her Missing Cat After 5 Years


In 2010, Diego the cat was just a kitten when he disappeared.  He was accidentally let out of the house by a sofa delivery man.  Jane Linley, his petmom, never thought of seeing Diego ever again until she noticed his picture on the Rescue Me Animal Rescue Facebook page. Apparently, Diego became a feral cat, fending for himself and lived near a railway line which is close to his owner’s old home in Litherland. Since Diego’s disappearance, Jane’s life has changed a lot.  She got married and now has two kids and she moved to a seaside community of Southport to live with her family.

“I’m stunned and flabbergasted that Diego has turned up again.  After he ran off, I never got another cat.  It went from being me and my cat, then just me, then to being married with two kids, and now I’ve got two cats as we’d already taken my late father-in-law’s cat,” said Jane Linley.

“I recognized Diego from the Facebook picture by his unusual ginger markings, so I got in touch.  I couldn’t wait to see if it was him.  I was quite nervous beforehand in case it wasn’t him, but he seemed really pleased to see me,” the overjoyed Jane added.

According to Steph Taylor, founder of Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, “they received a call from a member of the public who left a voicemail about a poorly cat he had found in Litherland and was unable to keep.”  But when they called him back he was already at the vet’s with the cat because he was concerned about the feline’s condition.

Turned out Diego was in a very bad shape with a horrible skin condition diagnosed by the vet as FAD of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.  The condition hurts him a lot; he was very itchy and very sore at the same time.  Diego was also very underweight. Diego the cat is now doing well after he got treated for the fleas and the FAD.  In fact, his petmom updated the rescue group about how good he is doing at home.  She also thanked the group for all their help.

I love happy endings.  I’m glad that Diego is doing great and now at home once again with his owner Jane.  Thanks to the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary and to person who called the rescue group and brought Diego to the vet, if not for them Diego and Jane wouldn’t be reunited.

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