Woman Takes Her Cats to see Santa Claus and It Does Not go Well

Cats with Santa

When the holiday season approaches, many of parents who have children often take our kids to see the jolly guy in the red suit.  This time honored tradition however, has taken on new meaning in recent years.  Now pet owners are starting to get into the holiday cheer by taking their animals to see Santa Claus too.  Just like children, the pets get to sit on Santa’s lap and a picture is taken so the owner can remember the event.

But just like children pets can act up while having their photos taken.  This often funny experience produces some very comical pictures. The women in the photo above really didn’t realize what was going to happen when she decided to take her two cats to see Old Saint Nick.  The outcome is really scary and this photo is more suited for Halloween than Christmas.  I wonder if these two will ever be allowed back in the lap of Santa?  I for one would be very scared to take these two out in public after this crazy encounter.  I wonder if these two act this way at home.

This photo which has been circulating the internet is really a funny one.  But these two cats hardly seem amused by it.  As the owner tries to hold one of her beloved pets, the Santa Claus is forced to try to control the other cat.  The look on Santa’s face is priceless as these two felines seem to be not getting along very well.  In fact, you might say they are about to get into a fight!  With both of their mouths wide open, you can see the panic on the owner’s face as she struggled to control her poor behaved pets.

This photo is really one for the record books and I am sure it will be making its rounds on the internet for many years to come.  While there are not many details on what really happened, I wonder if these two animals will be taken back for a visit next year.  I am sure that this Santa Claus will be better prepared for the next encounter.

Image via Twitter.com

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