A Women Feels She Must Choose Between her Boyfriend and Her Cats


In the popular program Dear Prudence, one woman shared her problem to Prudence in hopes of getting a good advice.  The woman’s problem is about her boyfriend and her cats.  Below is a Dear Prudence video about the woman’s problem and the host’s advice.

The woman stated that her boyfriend of two years is allergic to cats and she happened to own two cats, which she got before she met him.  Her boyfriend told her about his allergies and she clearly told him that she’s not giving her kitties away.  Anyways, they tried to make things work.  She even let the cats out of her room and vacuum after the animals as much as she can while the boyfriend is taking allergy medications.  Unfortunately, nothing worked to stop the allergies of her man.

The woman also mentioned that her boyfriend “just can’t get used to being around with cats”.  So now their relationship is in jeopardy because both of them won’t compromise; she won’t part with the cats and the guy won’t or can’t live with the animals.  Either way this woman feels like she needs to choose between her boyfriend and her beloved cats.

I can understand why she can’t give up her cats because they’re a big part of her life.  Besides she got them since they were just kitties.  You can imagine how attached they are with each other.  It’s sad that her relationship with her boyfriend seems to be coming to an end instead of ending up at the altar.  The woman feels really bad and she is not sure what to do.  It would be nice if her boyfriend would compromise but it looks like he won’t.

Personally, I don’t think she is being selfish.  She is just trying to keep her beloved cats.  As for her boyfriend, I agree with Prudence’s advice that they need to see a therapist in order to determine if the guy has other problems with cats aside from physiological problem, which is being allergic with the felines.  I hope she and her boyfriend will find a way to solve their problem and still live a happy life with her cats.

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