You Won’t Believe What this Cat Does With His Best Friend’s Ashes


Most of us assume that cats are not as into relationships as people, but it’s just not the truth for a cat by the name of Hootie. Hootie was raised with Nova, another cat. When Nova passed on, his owners had Nova cremated. When they brought home the ashes of their deceased cat, Hootie seems to understand that this is his cat. He gets it. He sees the box that contains the ashes of his friends, and he does not stop rubbing his face on the box. Sometimes he stops and lays his head perfectly still over his friend’s ashes before immediately rubbing his face against the box once again.

In the video, the owner of the cats describes what is happening. In a strong and very steady, yet soft, voice, she explains that the cats were great friends and that Hootie seems to know that what is in that box is Nova. The owner then sighs and nearly breaks our hearts as she begins talking to the ashes, telling them that she loves the cat and misses the cat so much. It’s touching, really, to see that this cat so clearly misses his friend and does not want to do without.

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