World’s Most Adorable Exotic Shorthair Kittens Seen Communicating with their Mother

exotic shorthair

Known for their laid-back, loyal and affectionate personalities, Exotic Shorthair cats are becoming a very popular choice for people looking to bring a pet into their family. A shorthaired version of the Persian, anyone who has ever seen an Exotic Shorthair kitten cannot deny that they have to be one of the cutest animals on the planet. From their fluffy coat, smooshed pancake shaped faces, large, round, inviting eyes and cobby frame, it’s hard not to smile when you look at one of these precious little creatures. Add in an Exotic Shorthair mother loving and caring for her three young kittens, and we are talking cuteness overload! If you are having a rough day or just want to feel your heart flutter a few times, you have to watch this video of mother Exotic Shorthair cat Tiger, caring and communicating with her three kittens.

I think that it’s always amazing to watch animals communicate back and forth with one another in their own language, and this scenario has to be the cutest examples that I have ever seen. As the video unfolds, you notice that the mother cat Tiger chooses a less evasive approach to mothering her kittens. Keeping her distance from the three, you watch her purr back and forth to them and you can feel the love and bond that she shares with her young. As you watch, notice that kitten with the most red coloring of his coat wants more of his mother’s attention than the other two, and does so with his dramatic vocalizations. The other two kittens, however, appear mellower and get less of a response from their mama. It is charming how they talk back and forth to one another as if they are carrying on a meaningful conversation with each other in kitty-language. What’s so special about this video is that you notice how responsive a mother cat and kittens can be with one another, regardless of their age. These kittens are only two weeks old, can barely open their eyes, and their ears are still unfolding, yet they are wrapped up in communication with one another. After you think that this video cannot get any sweeter, the ending really makes your heart melt. For a split second you get a chance to see all of the kittens peacefully sleeping on top of each other, and then you see a shot of a Tiger asleep with her babies. She is holding them tightly, and you just feel the sense of love and security that a mother’s touch provides.

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