Yes, There’s Now Tinder For Your Cat


It’s pretty incredible the things that people think up. Sometimes you look and hear about all of these things that exist in our world and often ask yourself, “How and why does this even exist?!” (Like Tinder.) Other times, things that do exist now are really cool and interesting, with us thinking to ourselves, “Hey! Why didn’t I think of that?!” (Like Tinder.) With online dating so prevalent these days, it’s only natural that something like Tinder exists. It’s a genius idea – even though it doesn’t have the best reputation, it still works. If you thought that Tinder was a groundbreaking app, there’s now an even more mind-blowing app out there: a new app called Tag A Cat. Now that is news we can get on board with!

Tag A Cat, which is pretty much a Tinder for cats, lets users share and compare adorable cat photos with other like-minded cat enthusiasts in their local area. Now, instead of going out with a date with someone from Tinder, cat lovers can just spare themselves the time and energy and do what they REALLY want to do: stay in and get kicks out of taking fun photos of their beloved felines! Tag A Cat has many features that other social media platforms have, like users can friend and follow feeds of their new cat friends and they can also like and comment on their friends’ posts. A unique and pretty awesome function that Tag A Cat can do is browse pictures by emotion, so basically you can find a match depending on whether you are happy, grumpy, surprised and even sleeping!

Here’s how to navigate it: Open the app and begin by creating a profile. Upon doing this, it will automatically pull up a map of felines in your vicinity.  It is a pretty specific map, so you will definitely want to hide your location. After that, it’s simple – just use as you would any other social media app.

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