You Have To Listen To This Baby and Kitten Speaking

baby and kitten

You can ask all the people you want to ask in the world, but I maintain that two of the most adorable things on the planet are kittens and babies. They’re just so sweet. They love you and they want to be close to you, and they are hilarious. They do what they want and say what they want, and they do not care if you are laughing or not; they are serious. We know that some cats like to talk to their owners, and we now that some babies like to stand around and have conversations that make us smile, but we don’t understand. We have a baby like that. Our 2-year-old twins have English and their adorable twin speak. They reserve their twin talk for one another and it is the most adorable thing you will ever see in your life. We have a small inkling that they are perhaps plotting ways in which they can make us entirely insane, but we still think it’s cute.

This kitten and this baby are kind of like that, too. The baby has something she really needs to say to the kitten, so she says it. The kitten is very polite in return, and she is happy to respond to the baby when she pauses. Then the baby responds. It’s just too cute, and we recommend that you take a few moments to watch this video and really enjoy all that sweetness that it has to offer you. You won’t regret this one.

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