Young Kitten Rescued After Spending a Week on Elbow Island


A five-month old black and white, long-haired female kitten is extremely lucky to be alive after spending a week on an island under the Route 52/Ocean City Bridge in New Jersey. It’s isn’t certain exactly just how long the feline – who is now known as Bridget – had been on Elbow Island, only that she survived strong, prevailing rain and winds. Thanks to two Somers Point women and a group of rescuers, the kitten has found herself in the comfort of one of the local cat rescue groups.

Suzanne Kepner and a friend were walking on the bridge on Sunday, April 27 when they heard a cry for help coming from under the bridge. In actuality, they heard a blackbird squawking, but it had the women wondering what the cause of the excitement was. They looked over the side of the bridge and had quite the shock: there was a kitten below! On the way from their walk, Kepner stopped by Pet Pros to figure out what to do with the cat. Speaking with two employees, they suggested she contact the local police, a local boat towing company and the cat rescue groups in their town. The story of Bridget was even taken to social media to look for assistance, to which a towing company responded offering their aid.

On Thursday morning, several Pet Pros employees along with Kepner went to the bridge to check up on the stranded cat. They were able to locate the cat and bring her safely ashore. Bridget has since been examined by the medical staff at the Ocean City Humane Society and overall, the young kitten was given a clean bill of health. She is currently receiving IV fluids and they are keeping close tabs on her, but the sweet kitten is doing quite well. The vet informed her rescuers that she is actually quite young, as she does not have her five month teeth yet.

The rescuers have no idea exactly how Bridget wound up on Elbow Island, as it is accessible only by water.
It is expected that it will be at least a month before she can be adopted. Young kitten Bridget might have had a rough start, but her life is continuing and getting better each day.

Image Source: Shore News Today

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