10 Funny Similarities Between Cats and Children


You find yourself with both a small child and a cat.  After some time goes by you realize that the two really aren’t all that different.  After all, humans are animals too right?  But sometimes the similarities are just so in tune that we have to look back at them and laugh to ourselves.  With that said, here are 10 funny similarities between cats and children

They are potty machines – Have you ever changed your kid who just made a poop and then literally 15 minutes later you had to do it again?  Try checking out your cat sometimes.  It’s the exact same situation.  Both cat and kid are pooping machines.

You mess up the names constantly – Have you ever called your cat by your child’s name and called your child by your cat’s name?   If you have more than one child ever mess up their names?  Same thing happens when you own more than one cat.  It’s just inevitable you’re going to screw up a name.

Toys are spotted everywhere – Somehow you spot a toy 3 feet under the couch and have no clue how it got there.   Kids and cats play with their toys and always seem to have these amazing hiding spots for them.

You wake up to see them inches away from you – “Hello daddy!”  Ever get that creature who is one inch from your face as soon as you wake up?  Sometimes it’s your kid and sometimes it’s your cat.  Sometimes it’s both.

Vomit cleaning comes at all hours – Just like the days you cleaned up your baby’s vomit at 3am, your cat is going to give you the same responsibility.

They want all of your food – Every single child on the planet is jealous of what their parent is eating.  Well so are cats!

Your camera is filled with photos of them – the majority of your iPhone may be filled with pictures of your child (and it should be) but often times it’s equal parts kid and cat.

There is no safe place in your house – just like you have to childproof your house so that no danger can be created, same goes for your cat.

Everything is edible – this falls along the lines of safety but just like children, cats tend to eat anything they can get their hands on.

Your cat is better than everyone else’s – we as parents always seem to think our kid is better than anyone else’s.  And anyone who doesn’t admit that is lying!  Same goes for our cats.

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