Author: Shawn Simons

Shawn Simons is the founder and Headmistress of Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, the only 100% feral cat socialization facility in the US. She left the organization after a decade to focus her attention to global strays which have neither the access nor financial means to combat the sad hand they have been dealt. When Shawn first started the Bungalow, she didn't even have a cat, let alone know much about them. Now a decade later, Shawn has socialized and adopted out more than 1700 feral cats and has developed a socialization system for cats that can easily assist cat owners with their relationship with their cat. She is currently working on her book to do just that "The Headmistress' Guide to Your A+ Lap Cat." Shawn served on the steering committee at NKLA, is a leader in Los Angeles' fight to overturn the TNR injunction, was a speaker at BlogPaws, Cat Fest London, was named "Los Angeles' Cat Lady" in the LA Weekly People Addition and is often an expert contributor to various cat sites. She recently relocated overseas and is living in Albania focusing on creating large scale spay/neuter programs for countries with emerging economies. You can follow her on instagram @trashcatsndumpsterdogs

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