How to Cat Proof Your Home

Larry The New Downing Street Cat Arrives At His New Home

Cats are notoriously curious creatures and it’s pretty much a given that they will manage to get into every nook and cranny in your house. While they will always try to get into places or things they shouldn’t be,┬áthere are ways for you to help them avoid dangerous situations. By going through your home and doing simple tasks to cat proof it, you can definitely make it a cat-friendly and safe environment.

Here are five tips on how to cat proof your home:

1. Unplug and tie a knot in cords. When not in use, unplug the cords of your electrical devices so your curious cat can avoid getting electrocuted. It’s also a good idea to tie a knot in them while they are plugged in, to avoid your cat from getting caught in them and possibly strangling themselves.

2. Keep medicines out of reach. While many medicine bottles are childproof, that doesn’t mean it is chew proof! Cats have some pretty razor sharp teeth and claws, and could probably open a bottle without much problem. Be sure to keep all medication – both over-the-counter and prescription – away from where they can get to it.

3. Beware of plants that can be poisonous. Cats naturally like to chew on grass and plants, both indoors and outdoors. But some of those plants, even if not poisonous, could also upset your cat’s stomach quite a bit.

4. Lock up cleaning products. You should never underestimate and assume a cat will not get somewhere. Make sure to keep your cleaning products stashed away where your feline cannot get to. Cleaning supplies, like soaps and sprays, may smell great but is very dangerous and possibly lethal if a cat should ingest it.

5. Stow away fragile items. ┬áPack away your fragile, breakable valuables. Cats love to jump up on everything and it’s possible for them to knock a few things over, including your sentimental and expensive objects.

Photo by Mark Large – WPA Pool / Getty Images

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