Do Cooling Pads for Cats Work?

Cooling Pad

Summer heat can be dangerous for your pets. If your cat is left outside in extremely hot weather, he is as susceptible to getting heat exhaustion or heat stroke as a human. He may be even more prone to heat illness because of the heavy fur coat he wears. It’s best to keep cats in a cooled and controlled indoor environment when temperatures soar outside. If your cat gets overheated, or if the air conditioning is out in your home, you may want to consider a cooling pad that is made for cats.

What is a cooling pad for cats?

A cooling pad is a comfortable pad that is similar to a flat cat bed that is filled with a non-toxic gel that promotes a cooling effect. The gel is a safe chemical that activates when your cat climbs onto the pad. It causes a molecular action that creates a cooling sensation that helps to lower the body temperature of a cat when they lie on the pad’s surface. Cooling pads for dogs have been around for a long time. In recent years, pet products companies began manufacturing them for cats.

Do Cooling Pads for Cats Work?

Cool Stuff For Cats goes further to explain that cooling pads that feature cool gel filling help to absorb the body heat produced by cats. The pads help to bring down the body temperature for as long as three hours. The pads are self-charging which means that you do not need to place them in the freezer or refrigerator and you do not need to plug them into an electrical outlet. You can find the pads in a variety of sizes.

Are cooling pads safe for cats?

Cooling pads are safe for cats. They have a sturdy nylon material on the outside that is resistant to chewing. The cool gel filling on the inside is non-toxic to cats. If your cat chews through to the gel beneath, the worst thing that can happen is an upset stomach. The outer material is easy to keep clean. You can clean it with mild soap and water. The material resists tearing and punctures.

What is the purpose of a cooling pad for cats?

Cats are vulnerable to the danger of excessive heat exposure. If your cat is left outside in extreme heat or your air conditioner isn’t working during a heatwave, your cat could experience heat exhaustion, dehydration, or even heat stroke, which can be fatal. Cooling pads help your pet bring down his body temperature to safe levels when overheated. The cooling pad helps keep your pet safe during hot weather, healthy, and more comfortable.

What can you do to keep your cat comfortable during hot weather?

Purina recommends taking steps to keep your cat safe and healthy during hot spells. While supplying your cat with a cooling pad is a good start and highly recommended, there are other things you should do in addition. If you have air conditioning, that is the best solution, and keep your cat indoors when the weather is hot outside. If your air conditioning unit is not working, set up a box fan to move the air around on hot days. You can cool the air it blows further by placing a frozen water bottle in front of the fan. Closing curtains when the sun is shining can reduce the air temperature in your home by several degrees. Keep your cat well-groomed in hot weather, or consider having his fur clipped. You can wipe your cat’s fur with a damp washcloth to help bring relief from the heat. It can bring a welcome cool down. Replenish your cat’s water dish with cool water frequently. Hydration is essential for animals and humans when the weather is hot. It’s also a good idea to leave the doors open to the rooms in your home that have hard floor surfaces. These are often the places that cats love to visit. The floors are cooler than those with carpets. You can also help your cat stay cooler by placing his bed in a well-ventilated spot that receives airflow. Consider elevating his bed to enhance the ventilation.

Other tips for keeping your cat safe during a heatwave

Cats have sweat glands in their paws. If your cat leaves wet paw prints on the floor, you will know he is sweating. He’s losing hydration and may need more water. Keeping fresh, clean water available during hot weather is essential. Romper advises that you should watch out for your cat during hot weather. If he shows signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, such as panting, drooling, fever, vomiting, lethargy, weakness, or unconsciousness, it’s vital to contact your cat’s vet immediately.

Final thoughts

A cooling pad for cats is an intelligent and responsible way to keep your cat safe, healthy, and comfortable during hot weather. Cooling pads are safe and effective for lowering the body temperature of cats for up to three hours before they will need to recharge. Most cats are intelligent creatures who know when to move off the pad. When they return, the weight of their body reactivates the gel for another cool-down session. If you’re considering the purchase of a cooling pad for your cat, look for a size that will accommodate the entire shape of your cat’s body for the best results. Check the quality to ensure that the cover features durable materials. They should be resistant to tearing and punctures. Also, look for a cooling pad made of materials easy to clean and sanitize. It might take your cat time to acclimate to a cooling pad, but it’s likely to become his favorite place to nap. Cooling pads for cats are among the best inventions for keeping cats cool and comfortable when the weather gets unbearably hot. We owe it to our furry friends to look out for their health and happiness.

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